I would love to collaborate with you!
I am available for keynote presentations, corporate seminars, academic guest lectures and virtual appearances.

I have always found great joy in the art of public speaking. For me, it goes beyond mere words; it is about effectively sharing my deepest beliefs and values with others. I truly believe in the transformative power of language to shape opinions and inspire positive change.
As a speaker, I take pride in my ability to influence and motivate those around me. Through my speeches, I strive to lead and unite communities during times of adversity, such as the challenges we are facing these days.

Connecting with my audience and sharing my vision allows me to earn their trust and support.

My interest in public speaking is rooted in my love for learning and self-improvement. I am largely self-taught, and every speech presents an opportunity for me to refine my skills, study rhetoric, and grow as a communicator.

Furthermore, my passion for public speaking is not driven by political ambitions but rather by a genuine desire to connect with people and share in their experiences. I aim to empathize with others’ struggles and aspirations, and through my speeches, I hope to inspire and uplift those who listen.

In essence, public speaking allows me to use the power of words to effect positive change, build connections with others, and fulfill my role as a communicator. The ability to inspire through speech is a gift I hold dear, and it is this gift that has shaped my reputation as a respected orator

Speaking Topics

Aircraft registration and finance

Understand the aircraft registration process in Aruba and the relevant financing aspects including security interests under Aruba law and the application of the Cape Town Convention.

Aruba Labor Laws

Lincioln will explain both the fundamentals of the latest labor law legislation of Aruba, the nuances and share some best practices.

Doing business in Aruba

Learn the ins and out of setting up and doing business in Aruba. This is not a sales-pitch but an inside look on incorporation, licensing and banking aspects in Aruba. This talk will help you manage expectations and work within realistic time frames.

A Few of my Talks

Understanding the New Competition Law for Business Leaders

Business leaders and managers must recognize that the landscape has shifted with the introduction of the new Competition Law. This presentation covers the essential elements of competition law, enriched with practical examples to illustrate its impact on daily business operations.

Competition Law Insights for Realtors

This presentation delves into the specifics of Competition Law as it pertains to realtors. It explains how the law directly affects their business practices and addresses broader global developments impacting real estate professionals in Aruba.

Navigating Legal Issues in Aging

Recently delivered to a senior audience, this talk offers a comprehensive look at legal matters affecting our elder community members. Key topics include employment, health, guardianship, and inheritance rights, providing valuable guidance for aging legally.

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I would love to collaborate with you!

I am available for keynote presentations, corporate seminars, academic guest lectures and virtual appearances.

As A Friend

I am loyal and caring, valuing deep connections, and always ready to support or offer counsel. My friendships are grounded in mutual respect and trust.