Dr. Lincoln D. Gomez is a distinguished partner at Gomez Coffie Law, a premier law firm in Aruba specializing in aviation, corporate, real estate, and intellectual property law. With over 27 years of experience, Lincoln provides expert legal counsel to a diverse range of clients, including governments, state-owned enterprises, banks, aircraft leasing companies, intellectual property holders, and the hospitality sector.

An internationally acclaimed author and columnist, Lincoln has published numerous books and articles on topics such as aircraft finance, labor law, constitutional law, real estate, and competition law. His works are recognized for their depth and multilingual accessibility.

Lincoln holds two advanced LL.M. degrees: International Tax & Financial Services from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and Corporate Law from the Universiteit van Aruba. Additionally, he has bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Saint Leo University and diplomas from the Wharton School of Business. In 2024, Cavalla International University honored him with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Law. Lincoln is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, and his native Papiamento and conversant in French and academic Latin.

Passionate about aviation, Lincoln seamlessly integrates his hobby into his legal practice. He is committed to sharing his extensive legal knowledge with the community through his books, blog, and podcast. As a co-founder of Digicel Aruba, the first private mobile network operator on the island, he has significantly contributed to the telecommunications industry. Lincoln also served as president of the Aruba Bar Association and the Museums Aruba Foundation (FMA), where he played a pivotal role in opening three new museums and promoting cultural heritage.

Since 1997, Lincoln has been publishing works on Aruba law, with recent multilingual publications enhancing labor law inclusivity for non-native communities. His efforts have made labor laws accessible to English, Spanish, and Papiamento-speaking individuals, and he continues to publish in Dutch.

A dedicated athlete and father, Lincoln homeschools his two sons, Gavril (18) and Gavin (17). His loyal Boston Terrier, Tobio, accompanies him. Lincoln’s diverse expertise and dedication to community service make him a prominent figure in the legal and cultural landscape of Aruba.

As a Lawyer

My legal career is fueled by a profound commitment to justice, innovation, and inclusivity, aimed at building stronger, more cohesive communities. As a corporate and transactional lawyer, my decades of experience have equipped me with a deep understanding of the complexities of the legal landscape. This knowledge drives my efforts to simplify the law for my clients and the wider public, ensuring that legal information is clear and accessible.

My professional journey has been marked by continuous learning and adaptation, reflecting the dynamic nature of law itself. I believe in the transformative power of law not just as a means to resolve disputes, but as a crucial tool for societal improvement. This belief is at the core of my dedication to legal practice. It motivates me to break down barriers that impede justice and to challenge traditional views that often dominate legal discourse.

Throughout my career, I have represented a diverse range of clients, from individuals seeking personal legal advice to multinational corporations navigating complex transactions. This variety has not only enriched my professional experience but has also heightened my sensitivity to the varying needs and challenges faced by different segments of society.

Being a lawyer for me is not just about legal victories – although those are nice too. It’s about making a meaningful impact. It’s about empowering clients by protecting their rights and helping them to achieve their aspirations. Each case is an opportunity to advocate for fairness and to contribute to a more equitable world.

By continuously engaging with the community through seminars, workshops, and public speaking engagements, I aim to inspire a new generation of lawyers and laypersons alike. I am dedicated to demystifying legal jargon and making the principles of law more relatable and understandable. This commitment extends beyond the courtroom and into every aspect of my work, reflecting my mission to foster a legal environment that upholds dignity, ensures fairness, and facilitates empowerment.

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As A Humanist

At heart, I am a humanist who values the dignity and worth of every individual. I work towards a society guided by compassion, empathy, and mutual respect. Professionally and personally, I am dedicated to advancing human rights, inclusivity, and well-being. I aim for my life and career to reflect an unwavering commitment to making the world a better, more compassionate place through my actions and relationships.