It has been a while but Aruba has (finally) modernized its corporate law. “Boek 2” structures and harmonizes various private legal entities into one code. Prior to that, these legal entities were scattered around in various individuals laws. Hard to find and easy to miss. The new structure contains a general section that aligns the different legal entities into one genus and in the following sections, each legal entity has its own code that is specific to it. A welcome addition indeed.

Boek 2 is not only for those in the legal practice but everyone involved with or that worse for a legal entity can benefit from having access to this information. For this reason, I am sharing this version of the text with you at no cost to you. Simply click  here to download Boek 2 on your favorite eReader.

If I can assist with any queries on this new law just drop me a line.

Note: after you download you may have to manually add it to the library of your favorite eReader. I use “books” for MAC and it works great.


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