Following a short temporary bankruptcy protection status granted by the Court of First Instance of Aruba Insel Air Aruba N.V, has been declared bankrupt today, June 7th, 2017 by the same Court. This was  based on a recommendation made  by the court appointed administrator (bewindvoerder). According to the administrator  the airline provided no evidence of any meaningful recovery/restructuring plan.  The airline is now officially in bankruptcy and the court has appointed a receiver to administer the estate and to attend with the numerous creditors.

The airline has not paid the wages of employees since the beginning of 2017 and has neglected to pay domestic and international vendors long prior to that.

inselMeanwhile efforts seem on the way to rescue/restructure Insel Air Curacao. Both companies are under the same control and ownership.

#arubaguy #thearubaguy #arubalawyer #lincolngomez

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