Aruba launched the “Aruba Happy Flow Project” at the Queen Beatrix International Airport. Aruba’s government reports that Aruba is the first airport in the world to provide a 100% self-service passenger experience. This pilot project makes it possible to use biometrics as a key identifier at the airport checkpoints. The checkpoints use facial recognition technology to identify passengers at check-in, bag drop, border control and aircraft boarding. The pilot project will run for two years. The Aruba Happy Flow project is a joint project of Aruba, the Netherlands, Aruba Airport Authority, Schiphol Group and K.L.M. Portugal-based Vision-Box, provides the technology. The pre-clearance initiative between Aruba and The Netherlands represents a step towards cooperation between countries to exchange intelligence and improve security. The aim is to make it possible for a passenger departing from Aruba to the EU is pre-cleared before takeoff.

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