Europe Meets the Americas offered the platform and excellent opportunities for Aruba to sign different agreements with international partners, for which Utilities Aruba N.V. is an important partner in the establishment of centers of excellence for the export of knowledge to countries and territories in the region. The function of Aruba as a gateway is highlighted in different Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that were signed. The agreements in the first place will benefit the Aruban community, but also represents regional expansion of the developments that will lead to the island becoming 100% sustainable for the production of water and electricity by 2020.

Director of Utilities Aruba N.V., drs. Franklin Hoevertsz said the company and organizations that signed with Aruba and the different local organizations consider the country a serious partner. Different large projects are to be realized and Aruba is deemed trustworthy to play a role as center of excellence, as a center of knowledge, for the region, Hoevertsz explained. This is certainly an honor and bears witness to the trust that these multinational organizations have in Aruba.

The MOUs signed during Europe Meets the Americas at which Utilities Aruba N.V. is involved gives content toour island’s plans to use as much renewable energy as possible and more energy that supports the sustainability of our community, according to Hoevertsz.

On Monday morning the government of Aruba and Utilities Aruba N.V. signed an MOU with Shell, Gasunie and Anthony Veder to establish a center of excellence on Aruba to eliminate the use of fuel oil as energy source for the production of water and electricity, replacing this with LNG, liquid natural gas.

Carbon War Room and TNO also signed an MOU with the government of Aruba and Utilities on Monday. The agreement creates more synergy between the involved partners in complying with the commitment to make Aruba’s water and electricity production 100% independent of fuel oil application and 100% sustainable by 2020.

The MOU signed on Tuesday is the result of a plan that was discussed by Minister President of Aruba Mike Eman and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands Henk Kamp and involved a second regional center of excellence. TNO, ECN (Energy Center Netherlands) and Ecofys signed the agreement with the government of Aruba and Utilities Aruba N.V. to establish a center of knowledge concerning wind energy on the island. Ecofys is a Dutch company that tests and certifies wind turbines.

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