The Registry of Aruba offers banks, aircraft financing companies and aircraft leasing company’s temporary registration for aircrafts in both an ICAO Category 1 and Cape Town Convention country. This program is an efficient, cost-effective and Cape Town compliant service to temporarily register aircrafts that are not to be operated commercially for a transitional period of time and that have to be placed in an approved storage program, parked or that are in between leases. These aircrafts can be temporarily registered in the Registry of Aruba in the private category until they are ready to return to commercial service. In some cases the aircraft can subsequently remain in the Registry of Aruba in the commercial category.

Benefits of the P4:
Registration process within 2-3 business days.
A safe haven for financiers and lessors to establish Cape Town rights and benefit of same
Aircrafts imported from an EASA member state will requires no Export Certificate of Airworthiness (“ECofA”) provided the aircraft has a Certificate of Airworthiness (“CofA”) with a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (“ARC”).
Aruba recognizes EASA Part M Subpart G (“CAMO”) organizations, so no separate approval required for work on
Competitive all inclusive fees.
Complimentary validations for the first four (4) licenses.

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