Lincoln D. Gomez is the managing-partner of Gomez & Bikker law offices. His practice is concentrated in the areas of aircraft title, registration, financing and leasing and related matters concerning the Aruba Aviation Act, the Registry of Aruba, registration in Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES-islands and the Cape Town Convention. The ratification of the Dutch Kingdom of the Cape Town Convention was based on his initiative. He represents banks, financiers, lessors and AOC-holders. Earlier this year he successfully managed the first repossession of an aircraft in Aruba under the Cape Town-regime. Prior to Cape Town he managed various repossessions of both airframes and engines. Lincoln chaired Aeropodium’s First International Aviation Finance Summit about the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean held in Amsterdam on May 25th, 2012. He also presented relevant Aruba law & Cape Town aspects during the Summit. Last year he participated as a speaker during the first Offshore Aircraft Registration summit in Aruba and the Business Aviation Summit of Latin-America in Brazil.


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