This is a new networking opportunity in the heart of the Caribbean.  The summit on Offshore Aircraft Registration will explore a variety of issues such as reasons for registering an aircraft offshore, the legal system in Aruba, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man, the process of registering an aircraft and requirements, protection of third party interests, aircraft surveys, inspection of maintenance facilities, air safety regulatory issues, air navigation services regulatory issues, commercial affairs regulatory issues, the impact of aircraft valuations, defaults and repossessions, negotiating lease contracts, the Cape Town Convention, the pre-purchase inspection process, aircraft insurance, legal aspects of aircraft registration, mitigating risk, customs issues.

How to avoid cabotage prohibitions for commercial operators of offshore registered aircraft
Aircraft Shared Ownership Programs and how to protect each party's rights and interests
You’ve moved you aircraft off the US registry to an offshore registry: So what happens the next time you want to travel back to the US?
The Cycle of Business Aircraft Values
Legal and fiscal issues of aircraft registration in Aruba
Fiscal Aspects of Aircraft Registration in Aruba
The vesting of security rights on aircraft in Aruba
Technical challenges and airworthiness implications for commercial and private operation of offshore registered aircraft



Richard A. Asper, J.D., Chairman, Aviation Professionals Group
Jorge C. Colindres Marinakis, President & CEO, The Registry of Aruba
Lincoln Gomez, Senior Partner, Gomez & Bikker
Chris Miller, Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners
Dinesh Mishre, Attorney at Law, Spigthoff Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisers 
Hans Ruiter, Tax Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aruba
C. A. Southerland, Vice President, Aviation Professionals Group
David Thompson Norton, Shackelford, Melton & McKinley
Bryan P. Winters, Aero Attorney Group

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