Amicorp Group announces that its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) division has launched a new Compliance KYC portal that enables clients to outsource the time consuming process of performing compliance checks, maintaining compliance documentation and managing compliance risk.

The Amicorp Compliance Portal is a powerful integrated service that provides an efficient and comprehensive background check and identity verification of (potential) customers. “The service lightens Amicorp’s client’s compliance burdens and at the same time increases the effectiveness of the risk management process through a quality, efficient and cost-effective solution” says Toine Knipping, Chief Executive Officer of Amicorp Group.

The Amicorp Compliance Portal provides a powerful high-end solution to law firms, financial institutions, trust companies and insurance companies of all sizes, whether small, medium or large. Auditable background identity verification is performed, a compliance documentation management system ensures the required documentation is on file, and the risk management system completes the package.

“The Amicorp Compliance Portal enables companies to make better-informed decisions about its client base and avoids companies from investing large amounts of money and time in non- core activities, such as information gathering and reporting to authorities” said Lincoln D. Gomez, managing-partner at Gomez & Bikker law offices.

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